Automated Inventory Management for Small Manufacturers

Inventory management is an integral part of manufacturing year-round, but the bustle of the holidays can add to an already hectic workload. Bar codes are an essential tool to help manage inventory and workflow. The benefits of bar codes are many, such as reducing workload, sending alerts when production slows, or inventory is low, and processing workflow accurately.

Bar codes lessen the amount of work you have to do by reducing the amount of time you need to spend on tracking inventory. An automated inventory tracking software system that utilizes bar codes can help management organize the considerable volume of the number of parts that can pass through the production process.

By utilizing an automated inventory tracking software system, specific alerts can be set up to monitor inventory through the scanning of bar codes. Manually tracking inventory with a spreadsheet or paper method is more likely to have errors and slow the process when compared to an automatic alert system.

Bar codes can be applied to any part of inventory in the workflow process for easy tracking. If you have an automated inventory tracking system in place, it will be easier for new employees to use and keep track of inventory in the workflow. There will be less room for processing error, costing the company time and money to correct.

Implementing an automated inventory tracking software system can help prevent stressful and costly situations that may potentially occur with manual inventory tracking management.  Automated inventory tracking systems, such as bar code integration, enables manufacturers to plan efficiently, execute predictably, minimize labor costs, and reduce errors associated with manual management.

At R&M, we realize the importance of properly managed inventory is important to a successful supplier relationship.  We are equipped to handle a wide range of projects from prototyping to large production runs. To learn more about R&M capabilities, contact us today.