IoT and Technology in the Future of Manufacturing

According to, The Internet of Things (IoT) is the connection of any device with an on or off switch to the internet and/or to each other, for example, cellphones, refrigerators, home security tools, etc. This also applies to components of machines, such as a jet engine of an airplane or the drill of an oil rig. The Internet of Things generally communicates by cameras or sensors embedded in its design. As technology continues to advance, the vision driving IoT portrays how smart, connected tech will continue to help humans in skilled and manual tasks. This will be done by giving them access to context-sensitive insights that answer specific questions at the right point in time.

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Five Advantages of Working with Small Manufacturers

Getting the right prototypes, components, design, and fabrication are essential to keeping your business running smoothly. When quality work, attention to detail, quick turnaround, and distinctive design are top priorities, there’s no better partner than a local manufacturer. Smaller manufacturers, such as R&M, give clients unique advantages that larger, regional, national or international corporations simply can’t.

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How Small Manufacturers Can Lead the Future

New technology, changes in the labor market, and new trends often reach big businesses first, however, big businesses also encounter big challenges when making changes. Implementation often requires full participation from every employee, sector, and region. With foresight and planning, small manufacturers can act with agility and implement new technology and use trends to their advantage on a smaller scale, faster. R&M tracks new technologies, labor market shifts, and other trends carefully to make the workplace more safer, faster, more cost-effective and more efficient.

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ApprenticeshipUSA Expands From $90 to $200 Million

The skills gap affecting manufacturing businesses may see a solution in a new initiative. Working with advisor Ivanka Trump, private enterprises, industry associations, democrats and republicans, President Trump and Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta outlined a plan to reorganize existing labor programs and make apprenticeships more accessible. The reorganization of the ApprenticeshipUSA program aims to make good on Trump’s campaign promise to create more jobs, such as the 2 million unfilled manufacturing jobs looming in the next decade, part of 6 million unfilled jobs across multiple industries.

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R&M Helps Freeland Robotics Team Construct a Winner

The Freeland Robotics Team, also called the Freeland Fabricators, has earned a spot in the FIRST Robotics Competition, a global championship in St. Louis, Missouri, after successfully competing in the district and then the state level. To help the aspiring young engineers build the best bot possible, R&M offered their expertise and instruction. R&M helped the students to safely weld, program and build their robots. While the students did the work, R&M was able to help with any snags along the way.

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R&M Recognized with Economic Excellence Award

The State of Michigan and Saginaw’s economic development organization, Saginaw Future Inc., has awarded R&M Machine Tool Inc. an Economic Excellence Award to recognize the positive changes R&M has helped to enact in the area and the impact we have had on the community. On February 17, Saginaw Future Inc. celebrated the growth and development of our community with the 25th Annual Awards Luncheon, recognizing R&M and other high-achieving Saginaw businesses for their success in building local job growth and urban development.

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Solving customer challenges

At R&M, we have built our business by being a source to help customers with the challenges they face. Whether it’s a quick turnaround, extremely close tolerance, or complex design, R&M’s “do our best” attitude gets the job done. The following is an example of how the R&M team stepped in to help one of our customers in the automotive market.

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The New Administration and Manufacturing

Each new administration brings its own laws, regulations, trade agreements and economic policies to office, each causing subsequent market reactions and fluctuations in every aspect of the economy. In manufacturing, international trade policy, private investment, unemployment rates and fiscal stimulus policies all play an important role in market variations and real positive or negative growth. Following the election of Donald Trump in November, markets reacted immediately and, though the effects of the new administration’s policies have yet to be seen, both positive and negative forecasts exist in manufacturing, resulting from key economic indicators seen up to this point.

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