Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace and defense industry in the United States is a leading contributor to the world’s safety and security. This industry is very diverse, with a multitude of commercial, industrial and military applications. Many of our end customers that service this industry have strict governmental guidelines that must be adhered too. The R&M team understands these strict requirements and our experience includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Experience in manufacturing parts for weapons/guns and for refueling aircrafts in mid-air
  • Manufacture punches, shafts, sleeves, bolts, adapters, hose and hose fittings, tubes
  • Experimental and prototype work for lifts
  • Manufacture Load Cells

R&M Machine is prompt to provide quotes with competitive pricing and their delivery on purchase orders is on schedule.

R&M is a “Go To” business that will trouble shoot issues and help get the job done!

We personally enjoy the communication with Ron, Jenny and Amy (to name a few).

It is our pleasure to do business with R&M Machine and have recommended their business to other companies. – HILLMAN EXTRUSION TOOL, INC.