Over the years there have been significant advancements in artificial limbs. New plastics and other materials have allowed artificial limbs to be stronger and lighter, limiting the amount of extra energy necessary to operate the limb. Additional materials have also allowed artificial limbs to look much more realistic. At R&M, we specialize in meeting our customer’s needs in the prosthetics industry. We understand the complexities and requirements for these highly specialized and critical parts.

  • Manufacture fingers, palms, arms, wrists, shoulders out of various materials, including high nickel and aircraft aluminum materials
  • Capabilities include plastics and other materials

We had R&M quote us some fairly complex parts for low-volume CNC machining. I was immediately impressed with Ron’s professionalism, dedication to customer satisfaction, and attention to detail. When we encountered some minor hiccups, they were resolved quickly and to our satisfaction. R&M checks all the right boxes for us, so we’ll definitely be coming back. – Humotech

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