R&M Recognized with Economic Excellence Award

The State of Michigan and Saginaw’s economic development organization, Saginaw Future Inc., has awarded R&M Machine Tool Inc. an Economic Excellence Award to recognize the positive changes R&M has helped to enact in the area and the impact we have had on the community. On February 17, Saginaw Future Inc. celebrated the growth and development of our community with the 25th Annual Awards Luncheon, recognizing R&M and other high-achieving Saginaw businesses for their success in building local job growth and urban development.

A study conducted by the U.S. Small Business Administration shows that small businesses account for over half of the jobs and sales in America. While many multinational corporations and other large businesses have closed doors and downsized in the past, small business has continued to build. Small businesses not only produce quality products and reinforce domestic production, but also support communities and families by providing valuable working and training opportunities. R&M is pleased to be a part of the thriving small business community in Saginaw and Michigan, and proud to be recognized for our growth and achievements. The success of R&M is shared by the Saginaw community, and our community’s ongoing growth and development are not only our shared success but also a point of pride.

Established in 1992, Saginaw Future Inc. is a public-private collaboration between businesses and government groups in Saginaw and surrounding municipalities. The businesses involved with Saginaw Future Inc., including R&M, have recently helped to create and retain over 1,000 jobs in the area. Job growth, especially in the manufacturing sector, encourages talented workers to stay in the area, builds reinvestment in Saginaw, and gives families stable platforms for building bright futures.

Working with 21 manufacturing businesses and services in the area, Saginaw Future Inc. is highly focused on building from Saginaw’s emergent manufacturing sector. Community support by organizations like Saginaw Future and provided by the community at large have helped R&M to thrive, while R&M is also pleased to reinvestment in and support the community. The continuing reciprocity and cooperation between local government groups, economic development organizations, private enterprise, and community constituents have helped to put Saginaw on track towards success and will ensure the community continues to thrive.