Solving customer challenges

At R&M, we have built our business by being a source to help customers with the challenges they face. Whether it’s a quick turnaround, extremely close tolerance, or complex design, R&M’s “do our best” attitude gets the job done. The following is an example of how the R&M team stepped in to help one of our customers in the automotive market.

A large Tier 1 automotive company needed three different parts with very close tolerances and a highly critical delivery date produced. It reached out to R&M because its current supplier could not meet the timeline.

Although we had not previously machined these types of parts, we took on the challenge. We scoured our extensive network of suppliers to locate the specific raw materials needed to complete the job. Once the material was secured, we worked tirelessly over a weekend to produce the parts for the customer.

We were able to meet the required timeline and supply the customer all of its parts with no quality issues. As a result, this company remains our customer today.

As a complete machine shop specializing in precision manufactured parts, prototype tooling and high volume runs, R&M is capable of producing a wide range of parts. The markets we serve include Automotive & Manufacturing, Medical, Prosthetics, Military & Aerospace, Crash Test Dummy and Robotics Industries. We can manufacture our products from all types of stainless-steel, titanium, magnesium, steel, aluminum, and plastics while producing extremely close-tolerance (+/- 0.0002”) and flawless finishes.