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R&M Machine Tool, Inc is a complete machine shop specializing in precision manufactured parts, prototype tooling and high volume production. We provide for the Automotive & Manufacturing, Medical, Prosthetics, Military & Aerospace, Crash Test Dummy and Robotics Industries – manufacturing our products from all types of stainless-steel, titanium, magnesium, steel, aluminum, and plastics, while producing extremely close-tolerance (+/- 0.0002”), flawless finishes.

R&M is determined to provide top of the line quality and care for our customers from start to finish. With ever-demanding timelines, R&M Machine understands the necessity for precision products on short lead times.

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Your consistent quality and attention to detail don’t go un-noticed. Also, thanks again for handling the entire job (heat treat, plating, etc) which saved us time and money in the end. I know you guys over there at R&M have handled some tricky parts for us in the past, so I was sure you could handle this latest job. The locations were spot on and the assembly went smooth as silk. – Robert Bosch, LLC